About hybrid ventilation

Hybrid ventilation combines the strengths of natural and mechanical ventilation in the best possible way:

  • Natural ventilation is used during the summer months securing a minimum use of energy
  • Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery is used during the winter securing a low usage of heat 
  • The indoor climate is ensured all year round 


Hybrid ventilation optimizes the energy consumption and indoor climate 

By using hybrid ventilation is it ensured that energy and indoor climate is optimized despite of the outdoor and indoor climatic conditions - also during spring and autumn.

The system chooses the optimal operating condition - unless the user makes a subjective choice. Heating control can be integrated in the system and the heating can be closed when the windows opens.

Hybrid ventilation is often cheaper than mechanical ventilation

For projects where the analysis shows that the dimensioning summer air exchange is higher than winter air change can a hybrid ventilation solution often cheaper than, for example mechanical ventilation. The reason is that the investments for the mechanical ventilation increases with increasing summer air change while natural ventilation remain mostly unchanged price. In projects where summer air exchange is 2-3 times the winter air change will hybrid ventilation typically be cheaper than mechanical ventilation.