Why choose natural smoke ventilation?

The majority of people who die in fires do not lose their lives because of the fire itself, but are suffocated by the smoke.

It is therefore vital that the smoke is removed from the building as quickly as possible to allow everyone to escape and the fire brigade to extinguish the fire.

By exhausting the smoke it ensures that the building does not overheat and that explosions of smoke gases, which can result in the entire building collapsing, do not occur.

With a natural smoke ventilation solution the high level smoke vents (skylights, windows or proprietry smoke vents) will open automatically in conjunction with the low level replacement
air  openings. 

This  system,  when  designed  and  controlled correctly,  will  ensure  that  the  smoke  is  exhausted  speedily, enabling the occupants to escape and therefore reducing the risk of fatalities.

Smoke Heat and Exhaust Ventilation systems (SHEVs) for a safe indoor climate

Smoke Heat and Exhaust Ventilation systems (SHEVs) are based on natural forces does not only create safety and security for the users of the building.

The openings in the facade and roof can also be used every day to provide a pleasant indoor climate using comfort ventilation.

Comfort ventilation is intelligent management of the indoor climate using natural ventilation which is both energysaving and environmentally friendly. The system measures temperature and air quality in each room and, depending on the weather, opens windows as required to allow precisely the right amount of air into the building.

This means that the safety solution is not just an investment in protection in the event of a fire or smoke incident, but it also becomes an active part of providing users with a balanced day-to-day indoor climate that is environmentally friendly.

Service ­and maintenance of smoke ventilation

Regular inspection of smoke ventilation systems is a legal requirement. You must also have the system inspected and tested at fixed intervals.

WindowMaster offer maintenance agreements for both our own and other types of smoke ventilation systems. 

We inspect the complete system in accordance with the applicable legislation. Maintenance of the smoke ventilation system includes checking windows, window actuators and emergency power and checking that triggering and control functions are fully functional.

Please  contact  our  service  division  for  further information about how we are able to tailor a service agreement to suit your requirements.