Natural ventilation in shopping centers

Most of the shopping centers today are using a conventional mechanical ventilation solution. However, using natural ventilation - either alone or in interaction with the mechanical solution – gives a great potential to ensure a good indoor air quality and achieve a reduction in the energy consumption.

So do not hesitate to supplement the existing solution with natural ventilation via automatic vents in the glass areas of shopping streets. It provides good energy at the bottom line.

When the energy usage is out of control

Shopping centers can often have huge challenges in creating a good indoor climate due to the combination of closed facades, large internal loads from lighting, installations and people as well as larger gains from the sun through the glass panels. Therefore you have to think creative, if the energy consumption for cooling and ventilation should not be out of control – an effective solution to this challenge is natural ventilation. 

Experience with natural ventilation in shopping centers

WindowMaster has over the last 20 years built up an extensive knowledge of natural ventilation in shopping centers, and we are currently controlling the indoor environment with our quality solutions in a large part of the European shopping centers. We have more experience in implementing projects with natural ventilation than any other company in Europe.