Natural ventilation in hospitals 

Natural ventilation uses the nature's own resources and is about that the weather can be controlled to create a comfortable and healthy indoor climate in an inexpensive and environmentally friendly way.

It works that way, that when the indoor air needs to be cooled or freshened, the system gives a signal to the automatic window openers, which opens just as much as the external weather conditions require to create the desired airflow. When the indoor air is chilled or freshened to the desired level, the system send a signal to the windows, which then closes. Additionally, you can at any time via a switch open or close the window if you want more or less fresh air.

Natural ventilation in hospitals

Natural ventilation in hospitals is particularly suited for:

  • Hallways
  • Atriums
  • TV stuer
  • TV lounges
  • Common areas
  • Offices
  • Double skin facades

Why natural ventilation in hospitals

  • Low construction costs
  • Low operating cost / low energy consumption
  • Good indoor climate (demand-controlled ventilation)
  • High air exchange rates, increased air movement and night cooling -> good thermal comfort
  • Individual control -> enhanced experience of the indoor climate
  • Space saving due to fewer components (the envelope itself is used for air transport)