Natural ventilation in schools

Natural ventilation can create a good and stable indoor climate in almost all types of schools in a simple and sustainable way.

Natural ventilation uses nature's own resources and it is, therefore, about how the weather can be controlled to create a comfortable and healthy indoor climate in an inexpensive and environmentally friendly way.

When the indoor air needs to be cooled or fesh air needs brining in, the control system gives a signal to the automatic window openers, which then opens by the right amout inconnenction with the external weather conditions in order to create the desired airflow. When the indoor air is cooled or refreshed to the desired level, the system will send a signal to the windows, for them to close. Additionally, you can at any time via a switch open or close the window if you want more or less fresh air.

Better learning with natural ventilation

Independent research has shown that a stable and healthy indoor climate is crucial for teachers' and students' well-being and a good indoor climate facilitates the learning of the pupils.

A good indoor climate depends on several factors, some of the most important are the temperature and air quality that is experienced. Both of these factors can be controlled by a good and stable ventilation in the teaching rooms. Generally, a good indoor climate can reduce absenteeism by up to 35% and increase children's learning by up to 15%.

Experience in creating healthy indoor climate   

Over the past nearly 20 years WindowMaster has built up a comprehensive knowledge of natural ventilation in schools and educational institutions, and are currently controlling the indoor environment with our quality solutions in hundreds of schools across Europe. We have more experience in carrying out projects with Natural Ventilation than any other company in Europe.

WindowMaster is working constantly to be at the forefront. We work closely with a number of Danish and international research institutes and have an -extensive knowledge of natural ventilation.

Commercial buildings can also gain great benefit from using natural ventilation, as it creates a good indoor climate, is inexpensive to install and operate and it is environmentally friendly compared to a pure mechanical ventilation solution. Click below to read more about some of the innovative buildings that have chosen natural ventilation.